DIY Book Page Wreath

This is the wreath I made and if you want it as large you will need to roll about 100 pages. Take your time and just roll a few a day.  Make sure to click the Video button below for some helpful tips.

I know I promised to have a blog party so we can create book wreaths.  I wanted to give you guys some time to get those book pages ready.  I plan on hosting the party on Saturday May 7th 11am at my house.  I will need you all to bring 75-100 folded and stapled book pages as you see below as well as cardboard (you can use a large pizza box lid) or a foam board available at the dollar store.   We will also need a few glue guns, so if you have one please bring it.  If you plan on attending please send me a message so I can keep count.

Click the video to view some helpful tipsVideo

If the book pages are not your style and you still want a paper wreath there are some more options below.  You will need to apply the to same technique but use a color of your choice:

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