Since I moved into this house I wanted to change out the builder grade closet doors that lead into my daughter’s playroom to sliding barn doors. Unfortunately, finding doors that match and in budget was not easy. I also didn’t like the idea of having to get rid of 2 perfectly good doors.

I really put some thought into this transformation… I didn’t want them to weigh too much, needed them to be a litter bigger then door frame and wanted the farmhouse look.

I came up with the idea of using Vinyl Luxury Floor Planks to keep the weight down. I planned on painting the wood white to look like shiplap. So when shopping for the flooring I was looking for inexpensive vinyl knowing it would be painted, but came across some vinyl  that was very reasonable and looked great.

**You can find Vinyl Floor Planks at Home Depot and Lowes.

I started by taking the current doors down and laying them on the floor. I wanted the planks to be a penny apart to look like shiplap. I was afraid the shadow of the door detail would cast a shadow so I covered the indents on the door with copy paper and tape. ***Make sure when taping paper down that you do leave areas that you can apply the glue DIRECTLY to the door (not paper) so planks can securely adhere.

I purchased some wood that would fit the edge of my door so it would trim out the door but more importantly cover the opening. I bought the wood seen below from Home Depot and paid about a $1 a board.

I gave the trim boards a quick sand and then painted them white. You have the option to stain them but at this point I knew it would be hard to match the stain. ***If you decide to paint your doors white I think a stained trim would look really good.

To finish the doors I attached the wood trim with wood glue and my nail gun.

After finishing the doors we needed to install the barn hardware. I purchased my hardware from Amazon and it was easy to install. Make sure to measure door and door way before ordering any hardware, making sure the length of the hardware allows the door to fully open. In my case I needed to order 12ft in length.

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