DIY Wall Art Project

I have seen the silhouette done a few ways but thought I would try it with a little twist.  I wanted it to have a rustic look.  So I decided to stain a piece of wood and use the stained area as the silhouette and the chalkboard paint as the background.  I have seen similar projects but not exactly like this.

Start by taking a side profile of your child and before printing on paper expand the size in the print options to which ever size fits the piece of wood you’re using.  This may take a couple of attempts of printing.  Cut out the silhouette and trace it onto the wood.  I decided to stain it next but you could stain it 1st (completely up to you). I then painted chalkboard paint around starting with a small paint brush and using a bigger one for the larger areas.  It was as easy as that!  I have to say it only took me 20 minutes after I had the image printed.

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