I read a post recently on Joanna Gaines Blog How to Style Your Mantel. This got me thinking….

I had hard time finding the metal candle sticks seen a lot on Pinterest.

2. Height- Black Forged Metal Candle Sticks -Comes in 3 Sizes ** hard to find in stores may need to order online—Large/p/80812793

3. LayeringHobby Lobby has a variety of frames in different styles and colors. Get creative and frame something like music note paper or a poem.

4. Organic Shapes- Try to use real plants if possible. I usually cut some small branches from a tree and put it in a small cup or vase with water. These branches usually stay green for weeks.

5. Asymmetry- Continue to use candle sticks but make sure height varies as shown.

Just like that you have a Joanna Gaines Mantel!

Unfortunately most of us have a TV above our Mantel and don’t want the TV to be the focal point. I do believe still using the smaller items above can add just enough balance. Below are a few pictures of ways to still decorate a mantel with some tricks like beefing up the mantel, hiding wires and just adding simple touches like candle sticks, books and or plants.

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