EASY DIY Concrete Counter Overlay

The concrete overlay that you just trowel over is a super easy and inexpensive way to give your kitchen a mini makeover. I will start by warning you that this is process is messy, takes time and does have some draw backs. Please continue to read before decided whether this is for you.

Here’s a before and after.

My opinion on resurfacing counters tops is that I LOVE them and pictures don’t do it justice.

The price is unbeatable costing about $90 from start to finish, but they are not as durable as most counter tops. Heat is the enemy and as long as you know that you will be ok.

I started off with counters tops that were Corian and was unsure of what the outcome was going to be since all other bloggers I had read about started with laminate. I know you are probably thinking why we decided to cover our Corian, but after seeing pictures below you will know.

I gave my current counter tops a quick sand by hand, this should help the concrete stick better. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 1.42.49 PM
Picture from young house love
1. –  2 bags of Ardex was more then enough form kitchen
  • 2. Bucket medium to large from dollar store
  • 3. Bucket small from dollar store
  • 4. Sand paper 220grit and can use block for easier grip
  • 5. Spreading trowels small 1 from dollar store but other 2 from Home Depot. Must have ALL sizes shown.
  • 6. Gorilla tape
  • 7. Protective Gear

After you finish the 1st layer you need to let it dry before sanding. Some bloggers waited overnight, I will leave this up to you. After a few hours I notice my counters were dry. This maybe because I made sure my layers were thin and some others maybe thicker. You can tell when they are dry because the color gets lighter. **Make sure to clean ALL tools including buckets before making additional batch.

Both these items I purchase at Home Depot

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