About a month ago my husband had the idea of joining the Chapin Festival.  I’ve done blog parties and other small events where handmade items are sold and it seemed like it was always successful.  I figured why not do this fun event, set up some tables, ask my talented daughter to join me and we could enjoy the  evening together. And so we spent the last few weeks coming up with a some new up cycled hand made items: wood signs, salvaged & vintage items, embellished things like hand painted necklaces and anything old, black or white.   We asked a friend if we could borrow a tent and signed up to be a vendor down town Chapin!
Some details you may need to know:
Event will be Monday September 4th, 2018 Chapin Center
Parade starts at 9:30am
Market will begin in the center of town around 10am
I am honestly not sure what time it ends but my suggestions is to be there when it starts.  I should be located near the old Fire station on Lexington Ave.



We are creative. We love using old funky things in our decorating. We find great joy in finding cool stuff, making something unique, re-painting and finding new uses for random objects.

We hoping for a great turn-out *if you are in the Chapin area please come by!

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