Freezer Fun Day!

We were able to make 86 meals for $513.26.   This figures out to be $5.97 a meal!

*Note: We have 2 adults and 1 child so are portions maybe smaller than those with larger families.  So if you want to increase the portion you will just end up with fewer total meals.  We also accommodated our families needs for example: we used cauliflower rice instead of white rice.  Please read through the recipes before purchasing from our receipts just incase you want to change an ingredient.


listofitems 1 of 4listofitems 2 of 4listofitems 3 of 4listofitems 4 of 4R13 1 of 3R13 2 of 3R13 3 of 3R46 1 of 3R46 2 of 3R46 3 of 3R79 1 of 3R79 2 of 3R79 3 of 3R1012 1 of 3R1012 2 of 3R1012 3 of 3R1315 1 of 3R1315 2 of 3R1315 3 of 3R1618 1 of 3R1618 2 of 3

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