DIY Book Page Wreath



Supplies Needed:

cardboard, glue gun, glue sticks, dinner plate, small bowl, 100 book pages, stapler, glue gun, burlap rope and carpet knife.

  1. I started by tracing a plate onto a pizza box cover.  I then placed a small bowl in the center and traced that as well.
  2. Cut the circles out with a carpet knife.
  3. I tied burlap as shown below.IMG_0819
  4. I rolled about 100 book pages and stapled them as shown below.
  5. When I started to glue the pages around the cardboard I did a row along the back side facing the opposite direction.  As you can see below, the opposite side is going the opposite direction,  this will give you a full look a the end.
  6. After I finished glueing 1 row on the back side I turned it around and did the same on the opposite side just a little lower.
  7. I continued going around and each row you go a little lower until you get the thickness you want.
  8. The inner row is the hardest and you will need to glue the bottom under and tack the pages together lightly with the glue gun around the center to keep it looking full IMG_0823Results!!!

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