DIY Reclaimed Wood Project


I built a full size headboard 54″ high and 59″ wide.  I used 2×6″ boards on the sides and 2×4’s on the top and underneath to support the particle board I placed in the center to adhere the boards to.
I started out placing longer boards around the frame.  Then staggard the boards inside cutting them as I went to fit the frame.  I adhered the front boards with rustic nails along the outside and center.  I then screwed through the back particle board into the wood to secure the wood in all the other areas.


This sign I made is 3’wide x 2’high.


I used 2″ strips of wood to keep the wood in place.
I then sanded and stained the wood.


I followed the same instructions as above but in a smaller scale.
I printed a large S to trace and then painted it.  I like to use a mixture of freehand and stencils when making my sings.  I usually use chalkboard paint, chalkboard paint pens and I top it off with a clear coat of satin spray paint.




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