DIY Valentines



If you are searching for a last minute Valentines party idea and don’t want to break the bank search no more…….


I used card stock that you can find on the bottom of most note pads and stamped them. If you don’t have a stamp handwritten or stenciled will work.IMG_3267I then cut them to size trimmed the sides with one of my favorite and inexpensive items the corner clipper (you can find a corner clipper in the scrapbooking aisle at Michaels).IMG_3268 For a final touch I added a heart sticker but I think even a colored heart on the paper would be cute too.
IMG_3269Next I found these little burlap bags at Michaels in the dollar area and if you don’t have time to get out or you want to save even more money you can easily sew a little bag in minutes.  Last we went on a little scavanger hunt to find some small and fairly flat rocks then marked 5 with X’s and 5 with O’s for each bag. IMG_3270

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